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Cupcake Inserts

Our uniquely designed cupcake inserts accommodate different sized cupcakes and mufffins. The 1, 2, and 4 count are reversible; one side for small and regular sized cupcakes, the other side for jumbo cupcakes. We also have 6 count and 12 count cupcake inserts for small and regular sized cupcakes.

These cupcake inserts are easy to use, secure, and add a finishing touch to your baked creations. No more cupcake pileups! Each insert will arrive at its consumption destination just like it left the bakery.

Our cupcake inserts fit perfectly in the corresponding sized Better Bakers Box cupcake box. This allows you the convenience of choosing the cupcake insert that fits your needs without purchasing inventory dedicated to only one use.

*Minimum order of ten (10) per item. Cupcake Inserts sold separately from boxes